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Environmental Policy

Trayer Products, Inc. is committed to the management of its environmental practices and to minimizing, as designated by the management, the current and future environmental impacts of its products and services. This commitment is to be demonstrated, in part, through certifying practices and procedures to comply with ISO 14001:2004.

The highest emphasis will be on preventing adverse environmental impacts with the first priorities given to the greatest environmental risks.

Trayer Products, Inc. will meet, and where practical, exceed all relevant environmental laws, regulations, and other applicable environmental requirements.

Appropriate management methods will be used to monitor and continuously improve environmental performance and to strive to reduce or prevent pollution. A review of Trayer Products' environmental performance will be conducted on a regular basis to ensure objectives are being met and new targets and objectives are being considered.

Trayer Products, Inc. will communicate this environmental policy to all employees and interested parties of the community. It shall be the responsibility of all employees to understand and comply with all applicable environmental policies and practices.

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